The Seattle Raptors Have Been Sold!

The Seattle Raptors have been sold to the Seattle Cascades!  After one year of operation, the owners of the Seattle Raptors have decided to sell the Seattle Ultimate team franchise to the Titcomb siblings:  Zahlen, Xtehn, Vehro, Rohre, and Qxhna (ZXVRQ).  We are excited about their ownership and feel they will do a great job competing in the AUDL and promoting the sport.  Everyone in the Ultimate world is familiar with the 5Ultimate brand of clothing and the Titcomb family name.  The five siblings were born and raised in the Seattle area and have been active in Ultimate for many years.  We feel they are exactly what the sport needs to help recruit and field the strongest team in the AUDL and boost fan support.  We expect great things from them in their first season including a possible AUDL National Championship title.  Watch out Spiders--the Cascades are coming! 

Please read two articles on the sale of the team:

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Ultiworld at:

The Seattle Raptors would like to thank all of our fans for their support during our first season.  We hope you will support the Seattle Cascades at all of their home games in the 2015 season!

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Video Highlights 2014


Watch Three Types Of Highlights: 

  1. The Seattle Raptors' Home Game Highlights Of The Week
  2. The AUDL League Highlights Of The Week
  3. The AUDL Top 10 Ultimate Frisbee Plays Of The Week

Here's something to think about . . . The Raptors lost to the Spiders by  5, 9, 3 & 8 points.  Where does that place the Raptors overall in the AUDL when the Spiders beat the Toronto Rush by 10 points?!!  We think the West Coast has the best teams in the League!   We're a young team working hard to be the best!  Watch us get even better next season!


The best of the Seattle Raptors' 2014 Season Highlights from all 7 home games!  Subscribe to the Raptors' YouTube channel for all of the 2014 season highlights and full game videos!

AUDL 2014 Championship!  The match-up that everyone wanted all season took place on Sunday, July 27. Both teams entered with just one loss all season. One would leave with a Championship Trophy and a total purse of $20,000 to split amongst the players. Subscribe to our channel for more full games, top plays, and highlights reels.

Seattle Raptors Home Game Highlights Of The Week:

The Seattle Raptors host the Vancouver Riptide in Seattle Center Memorial Stadium. The football field lines were painted black by a local professional soccer team.

The last game of the 2014 season between the Raptors and Spiders was a fundraiser for the DiscNW Youth financial aid.

The Seattle Raptors enjoyed a big win over the Salt Lake Lions 35-11.

AUDL League Highlights & AUDL Top 10 Ultimate Frisbee Plays Of The Week:

Uploaded by TheAUDLChannel on 2014-07-04.



Uploaded by TheAUDLChannel on 2014-07-05.


Uploaded by TheAUDLChannel on 2014-06-28.


AUDL Top 10 Ultimate Frisbee Plays | Week 10 Seattle Raptors at San Francisco FlameThrowers June 14.

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Photos Of The Week - Raptors vs. Riptide - July 12

#11 Dana Dunbar for the block & #77 Graham Landon

#33 Adam Bronstein

#22 Evan Klein for the block!

#2 Luke Jesperson for the block

#17 Peter Bender & #17 Max Hunter

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#2 Juke Jesperson Makes The AUDL "All Division Teams"

Luke has developed into a defensive cutter who has a knack for getting layout Ds and surprising opponents with hand blocks on the mark.  . . .

#33 Adam Bronstein Signs With The Raptors

With Ultimate Frisbee as a factor in his college choice, Adam ended up at Whitman College joining the “Sweets” as a freshman.  As a defensive handler, he helped bring the “Sweets”  . . .


Player Profile - Cam Bailey

An excerpt from Caitlin Cieslik-Miskimen's and Adam Ruffner's article reads:  “I had no idea this world existed five or six years ago,” Bailey said, laughing. At the time, he was working as a counselor at a summer camp."  Read the full article by clicking on the heading.

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